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No More Speeding Tickets From Police Laser Guns

As car enthusiasts we’re all guilty of driving above the speed limit on a frequent basis, at some point most of us have been pulled over by the police. It’s the worst feeling in the world to have Sheriff Buford T. Justice behind you. Speeding tickets are not Peacock; they’re not cheap or helpful when it comes to keeping your insurance rates down either. You have some choices; you can either pull over or try and outrun the po-po à la Smokey and the Bandit style, or get yourself a Blinder Laser Jammer. More>>

Car Repair Peacock Style

Sometimes, no matter how cautious you are driving accidents happen and your car gets damaged. You have a choice to either leave the damage, repair it yourself, or get it repaired by a qualified professional. You’re busy, but the fact is having a beat up rundown car is NOT Peacock, we would all rather be ‘poppin’ bottles and partying with an HB9, but there are times when its necessary to have your ride repaired the right way – pronto. More>>

Enhance Your Ride With Lambo Doors

The iconic Lamborghini makes me think of a cartoon that has come to life, especially when it was featured in the movie Cannonball Run. It was something that every young boy growing up could imagine owning. The name alone ‘Lamborghini’ still resonates within, and its trademark ‘Lambo’ Doors were a key element in why the car was and is so Peacock. More>>

GPS Angel, Protection From Red Light & Speed Cameras

If you’ve ever gotten a ticket from a red light or speed camera then you’re aware they are the bain of our existence. Inaccurate and problematic at best, these cameras infringe on our basic rights as citizens. The municipalities have teamed up with private companies to run these lights and steal your hard earned money! The solution is the GPS Angel, a device that plugs into your car lighter and detects all red light and speed cameras wherever you may roam. More>>

Laser Guided Parking Assist

Ferrari’s are not cheap, the last thing you need is to lend out your special ride to an HB9 and have her smash it into your garage. Play is safe with some Peacock planning and get her some assistance with a Garage Laser Park. Perfect for one or two car garages, this is your solution. More>>

Vivid Racing, Elevate Your Rides Performance

If you’re looking to Peacock the performance of your street ride there are tons of options out there when it comes to local generic auto part and on-line stores. Sure, your local Pep Boys is adequate for routine maintenance, but for true performance parts they’re limited. Instead you may want something more exotic, a specialty ‘tuner’ with experience offering field tested parts is the best way to maximize your performance. Enter Vivid Racing, this is not your local speed shop. This is a specialized automotive tuner that is recognized throughout the world. More>>

Get Fast And Furious Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps or Body Accents are appealing to the eye, and the perfect way to Peacock your ride. These particular wraps are perfect examples of modern art implemented into stunning high quality graphics that can transform your ride from front to back. Each pair comes with opposing graphics for both sides of your vehicle to make it look fast and furious from every angle. More>>