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The Peacock Little Black Dress Guide

If there’s one thing every woman should have in her wardrobe it’s a Little Black Dress. The LBD has become a fashion staple and it’s the one thing I know I can rely on whenever I need something to wear for a night out or a special event. More>>

The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide

Peacocking your way to the top of the career ladder is no easy task. You’ve worked diligently and positioned yourself for success in the modern board room, this is your chance to step it up to the next level in your career. Introducing the The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide; for many of us our style seldom stretches as far as our workplace and a lot of us are guilty of wearing bland clothing to our jobs – this is not acceptable. More>>

Summer Dress Series: Color Block Dresses

So you did your Spring cleaning and catered a box full of out-of-style clothing to Goodwill… Now what? You don’t want to spend a lot of money but you need to stay fashionable—after all, you’re working hard on your Summer Bod. This season’s Summer dresses are breathable, fun, and fashionable. Here is what’s in for this summer: Color Block Dresses, Bandage Dresses, Maxi Dresses, and the Classic Summer Dress. More>>

Summer Dress Series: Bandage Dresses

For a Bar or Club dress – set your radar on the Bandage look. With color-blocking in style, more of us can get away with these snug, form-fitting dresses because the colors accent our curves. Look both sexy and stylish like Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively, and other dazzling celebrities. More>>

Go Bold Or Go Home

Spring is on its here, and what better way to celebrate than by offering a look at the impending fashion trends? If you’re expecting muted Easter egg pastels from past seasons, yep you’ll see those too but on average this season promises to be a good bit livelier. Spring 2013’s motto could easily be, “Go bold or go home.” More>>

Wedding Guest Spring Dresses

It’s that time of year again. The days are getting longer, flowers are beginning to bloom and spring wedding fever is officially upon us. As luck would have it, the new season catwalks were awash with pretty, wedding friendly inspiration. More>>

Accessorize When You Stylize

When the time comes to go out and have fun, you may worry that your outfit is not Peacock. You may believe that you have nothing to wear to make you stand out. Never fear, the situation is not hopeless, you’ve come the right place! The key is choosing an ordinary outfit and making it chic with just the right accessories. The information below will help you make smart and fashionable decisions that can be applied to other areas of your wardrobe. More>>

Summer Dress Series: Maxi Dresses

Who doesn’t love a Maxi Dress? We all know Nicole Richie does—as she’s been continuously sporting them through this season’s Fashion Star episodes. In my opinion, maxi dresses will never go out of style and can be worn year-round as long has you bear the correct color scheme. Many “purchased” dresses off Fashion Star include bold colors, color-blocking, and the famous Maxi Dress! More>>