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Winter Wardrobe Part 4: Boots

I said Boots, not Uggs, Ladies. By popular consensus, it is determined that most males hate Uggs on women. So, save those Uggs for girl dates, errands, and around the house, and let’s find you some new winter boots. More>>

The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide

Peacocking your way to the top of the career ladder is no easy task. You’ve worked diligently and positioned yourself for success in the modern board room, this is your chance to step it up to the next level in your career. Introducing the The Peacock Women’s Office Fashion Guide; for many of us our style seldom stretches as far as our workplace and a lot of us are guilty of wearing bland clothing to our jobs – this is not acceptable. More>>

The Peacock Hot Shoe Styling Guide

Fashion experts know that shoes make the outfit. The right pair of high heels become the focal point of any outfit, they make a statement and can be a discussion starter. Every year new shoes hit the runway and celebrities usually start the shoe fashion trends. However, by the time we see a celebrity wearing a hot new heel, that shoe has already been in for a while. More>>

Accessorize When You Stylize

When the time comes to go out and have fun, you may worry that your outfit is not Peacock. You may believe that you have nothing to wear to make you stand out. Never fear, the situation is not hopeless, you’ve come the right place! The key is choosing an ordinary outfit and making it chic with just the right accessories. The information below will help you make smart and fashionable decisions that can be applied to other areas of your wardrobe. More>>

TOMS Shoes: With Each Pair Bought, They Give A Pair Away

With every pair that is purchased, TOMS Shoes gives a pair away to someone that is in need. That is unheard of this day in age and we will be supporting more and more companies like this as we continue to grow. We want to make the world a better place, TOMS is doing that one pair of shoes at a time. They have given over a MILLION pairs of shoes away! More>>