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The Greatest Band You’ve Never Heard Of…

Good Old War (GOW) is a 3 piece band that is from my hometown, Langhorne, PA that had 2 members of the band formerly known as Days Away. We have seen them play a couple of small bars, to the North Star Bar in Philly, all the way up to their last show at the TLA on South Street. More >>

From A Whales Vagina, Pearl Jam Was Born

The history of Pearl Jam: So there was once a band from Seattle that was struggling to find a lead singer. At the time, Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard were jamming a bit here and there and passed on a 5 song demo to former RHCP drummer, Jack Irons, to distribute to people he felt worthy. Well, he passed this on to his buddy in Whales Vagina (formerly known as San Diego) and he made the cut. His name is Eddie Vedder. More >>

Vinyl Is Back With A Vengeance

I remember laughing at my parents for having Vinyl Records…now I beg to borrow them. The digital days are still upon us, but the intimacy and manifestation of the record playing music is back.  More >>

The Digital Peephole

Updating an old idea – finally. The Digital Peephole eliminates the small, distorted images created by old fashioned peephole’s fish-eye style lenses by providing a large, full-color digital display for seeing visitors. Its lens provides a wide 96º field of view, and it uses a 1.3 megapixel CMOS, the same image sensor employed by digital cameras. More >>

The Floating Pool Speaker

The Floating Pool Speaker is perfect for any music junkie. Whether you’re looking to add sound poolside, near your hot tub, pond, or any other water feature these speakers excel in these conditions – perfect for Peacocking any type of music, from Skrillex to Van Halen. More >>

Zontik Premium Made Games

Board games will always be around, no matter what type of new gaming console is released. Nothing beats face to face interaction like true 3D. So, if you’re looking for premium board games then look no further than Zotnik; the internationally adored purveyor of luxury board games. Premium made games are for the Peacock that has everything. More >>

The Revolution SVR Ping-Pong Table, Forest Gump Approved

Ping-pong, or table tennis some call it, is a classic game I played as a kid that would entertain us for hours. It provided exercise while simultaneously testing your hand to eye coordination. Sure, modern home game systems are amazing, they have advanced graphics and they offer a variety of different games, but the fact is, there’s no replacing the real thing. Introducing the Revolution SVR, a premium state of the art ping-pong table. More >>

Pro Poker Chips

You don’t have to be a professional gambler like Phil Ivey to see and feel the difference between a cheap toy poker chip and an authentic Archetype Poker Chip Set. This chip set is the exact same full-color design and single composite material construction chips that you will see in many Vegas casinos today. More >>

Mister Important – Seamless Elegant Designs

Interior design can be a daunting task, inspiration can come from many places….enter Mister Important Design. Founded in 2005 by Charles Doell, he has been dubbed “the design whiz-kid,” and for good reason. His designs have been implemented and accepted on a global scale. More >>

Creative Nightclubs Liquid ‘Lava’ Bar Top

A Liquid ‘Lava’ Bar Top is not your typical wood, composite, or granite material…made by Creative Nightclubs it is another option in elevating the design of your next bar. Obviously materials play a big role in the aesthetics of a bar, this can directly affect the vibe, so finding a unique material that can Peacock your venue is always worth considering. Available in a variety of colors a Liquid Bar Top allows for customization throughout the design process. More >>