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Smell Better With EVP’s Best Colognes Of 2011

Looking classy and standing out from the crowd is not only about your appearance, this goes for your cologne too. You can do more than wear the coolest shades with a pair of fly boots to Peacock. More >>

The Quirky Art-School Hipster Sounds Of Pomplamoose

Jack Conte and Nataly Dawn of Pomplamoose started making music together in the summer of ’08, and decided to form a band. In that time their popularity has skyrocketed because of their unique and genuine sound. Their music on You Tube is always being updated as well, so there’s always something new to be discovered. More >>

Jaw Dropping Gymkhana 3 With Ken Block

Ken Block is one of the co-founders of DC Shoes and has competed in many action sports events including skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, and most notably rally racing. More importantly he’s a mad man when behind the wheel of his rally race car. More >>

The Interactive Personal Trainer System

One of the key elements to Peacocking is keeping your body in shape. Generally, people who are physically fit have a better outlook and are more productive. Don’t like gyms? Whether your goal is to get in shape or just maintain a healthy physique the Interactive Personal Trainer System may be for youno gym required. More >>

Increase Your Speed With The Pagani Zonda F

The extraordinary exotic car manufacturer Pagini is the new kid on the block when compared to its counterparts (Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, etc.). The exclusive supercar industry caters to a discerning clientele so Pagani’s success is a clear indication of their design prowess. The Zonda F by Pagani is no exception either, it’s deathly fast, uniquely styled, and the design and engineering is done on an obsessive level; everything you’d want from a modern supercar. More >>

The Lamborghini Murciélago SV

The Lamborghini Murciélago SV (SuperVeloce) is the final incarnation of the big Lambo. The inherently deadly Murciélago just got upgraded, and the results are even more lethal. At the time of its production it was the fastest Lamborghini ever made. More >>

Get Your Bling Back With Steam

Just like your clothing your jewelry needs to be cleaned and maintained to ensure it Peacocks to it’s highest potential. The best way to do this is use what professional jewelers use – a pressurized steam cleaner. By using this steam method it will instantly restore the original luster to diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals without scrubbing or harsh chemicals. More >>