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Enhance Your Ride With Lambo Doors

The iconic Lamborghini makes me think of a cartoon that has come to life, especially when it was featured in the movie Cannonball Run. It was something that every young boy growing up could imagine owning. The name alone ‘Lamborghini’ still resonates within, and its trademark ‘Lambo’ Doors were a key element in why the car was and is so Peacock. More >>

Destination Earth: The Peanut Butter Nomads Embark On Their Epic Journey Around The World

As I sit here behind my desk typing away, I think about my world traveler friends (Erin & Jason) a.k.a. the PB Nomads and I can’t stop humming the Disney song you heard as a kid. They make the world seem smaller. I have traveled the U.S. for the past 15 years and I do think that my list of places I must see are dwindling. More >>

EVP Team Takes On The Toughest Event On The Planet; Tough Mudder!

Did you just run in a local 5k/10k for a good cause? Very Nice. You and your girls just put your hair in pigtails and run through a patch of mud?  So Cute.

However…Very Nice and So Cute just don’t cut it anymore…The best event, the most grueling test around, is a mud run and the only one that any person should be Peacocking about right now is the Tough Mudder. We’re talking 10+ miles and 20+ obstacles navigating through mud, snow, rock, and ice cold water while changing altitudes and no regard for weather conditions. More >>