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2012 Skater Of The Year? Life Splicing No. 004: Nick Boserio

Nick Boserio, of the Alien Work Shop Team, is droppin’ bombs all over this video. The front board to fakie/switch 50 down that little curb to the last trick on the video is straight dope. More >>

Thailand: Beaches, Jungles, And Thai Cuisine Are Waiting For You In The “Land Of Smiles”

Do you plan to “travel the world” someday? When is that someday? I’ll tell you – someday is NOW. Part of Peacocking is stepping outside of your comfort zone, and traveling to exotic places is no exception. Thailand may be a good place to start, especially if you’re the outdoor adventure type. It has all you need in one small country (63 million): jungle, mountains, clear water-white sand beaches, wildlife, rivers, and most importantly THAI FOOD! “Someday does not exist. I don’t know about you, but I would rather travel while I am young. Capre Diem! More >>

The Art Of Flight. Travis Rice Used One Word To Describe: “Epic”

So you think you are a good rider? After watching this you will reevaluate that thought. I don’t know if any movie will be able to touch The Art Of Flight this season, but I know it won’t have a better cast. More >>

Don’t Fall Into Your Music Trap, Listen To Something New, Get Airbourne

When contemplating the current music scene sometimes I fall into the same trap everyone else does; it was better when I was kid. Well maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t. Maybe it’s just all perspective or even a comfort zone that most people are afraid to leave behind. I’m here to say you can keep those ghosts of the past, enjoy them, relish them, but always keep an open mind. More >>

California Dreamin’: Sounds of Summer from the Everything Peacock iPod

Make plans to hit the beach with your crew and celebrate this summer in style. Besides all the drinking and partying you’ll be doing, music is a must have for any social setting, and the beach is no exception. We’ve created the Sounds of Summer Everything Peacock iPod Beach Playlist along with some guidelines for making your own playlist. So read on. More >>