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Make Your A/V Components Go AWOL With The AWALL

A little part of me feels like the flat-panel television was developed a decade or so early considering its requisite components – cable box, receiver, DVD player – are anything but.

We’re enamored with the sleek, space-saving design the flat-panel provides us however we’re still tethered by – and to – the fat form factor ancillary devices that inevitably spoil the aesthetic of our entertainment center.

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Take Over The World And Look Good Doing It

We all want success; some of us even want world domination. How will you reach this goal? Who knows? Plot to take over the world? Your guess is as good as mine. But while you are devising your get rich world domination scheme (we all have one…or ten), you can get your essential super villain billionaire wardrobe. Just like all James Bonds evil nemeses you’ll need a lair, exotic pet, shark tank, female bodyguard and last but not least a wardrobe from Billionaire Italian Couture. More >>

The Alcatraz Island You Won’t See On Fox

Recently I’ve been inundated with advertisements for JJ Abrams’ (Lost, Fringe) recent contribution to the Fox primetime line-up: Alcatraz – which despite its dubious premise opened on Monday with impressive ratings. Throughout the previews were inimitable images of the famous island’s iconic halls, cell blocks, and exterior landscapes that repeatedly, and invariably, had me flashing back to the trip I took to the island last summer.

San Francisco is replete with interesting landmarks and attractions, but don’t let anyone convince you ‘The Rock’ is a tourist trap to be avoided: it’s not. It’s a bastion of mystery, intrigue, depravity, and beauty, all rolled into one.

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2CELLOS With A Modern Twist

When I think of the cello it doesn’t conjure up thoughts of modern pop or rock music, it is not Peacock – or is it? The cello is a classical instrument which in the past was typically used to solo in a stringed orchestra, not to be used as the primary instrument to play say Metallica. Ironically, this is why the harder and heavier rock/metal music (i.e Metallica) sounds so good when played on a classical instrument. More >>

Snowboarders: The Splitboard Lives Up To The Hype.

Jeremy Jones is an environmentalist, a big mountain thrasher, an entrepreneur, and a straight up cool mother fucker. What makes him even cooler is that he brings all of us back-country enthusiasts a snowboard that splits in 2, like skis, to allow us to trek up higher on a peak and explore fresh terrain, hence the name splitboard. More >>

Military Special Ops Technology Invades Your Ears

For a lot of people the start of the New Year brought on some resolutions, and one of the most popular is a return to working out. Whether it be going to your local gym, running the streets, or working out at home P90X style you will see a lot more active people in January. More >>

Arabian Nights – Where To Eat & Drink In Dubai

I spent two months in amazing Dubai this summer for my other, less exciting job, and it very graciously provided me with the opportunity to check out this unique culture while scoping out the best places to eat and drink – and boy did I ever! More >>