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Everything Is A Remix At SoundCloud

Are you still listening to old-fashioned FM radio? How many times are you going to play Rick James – ‘Give It To Me baby’ before everyone leaves your party again? Well it’s time for you to tune into something different. More >>

The Five Best Entertainment Venues In The Balearic Islands

Many people may not know of the Balearic Islands, but everybody has heard of Ibiza, the gem city of the islands. Tourists from all over the world flock to these islands to party and enjoy the social life that comes with the mild Mediterranean climate and friendly atmosphere.  Those who are planning a trip to these raucous islands should have no worries about finding a fun, lively venue in which to enjoy good food, good music and a vibrant nightlife.  Here are our suggestions as to what we consider to be the top five entertainment and party venues in the Balearic Islands.
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Peacock At YOUR Grammy Event

The Grammy Awards took place early last week and Everything Peacock tuned in as usual to see which stars were Peacocking and who just faded away into the red carpet. Here is a quick little recap so you can keep in mind some Peacock concepts the next time your “Grammy Night” (big wedding, corporate dinner, stylish charity function) comes around. More >>

Fashion Goes Mobile

You’ve got the iPhone and thinking of protecting it with anything more than a big, dumb rubber protective case is about as far as you went. Well, I’m here to tell you there’s another way. The key is customization and separating yourself from the crowd – this is Peacocking. More >>

Do You Own Any Magic Clothes?

Chances are you probably haven’t heard of this company. I mean, they sell boxers for $50 a pair that, unlike Hugo Boss, primarly cater to function, not form. Based out of New Zealand, their primary market is Europe and Australia; having only recently reached the shores of our great (contiguous) 48. But their clothing is absolutely sublime in having fused style with high-performance in a way rarely seen.
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Prominent Peacock Profile Of The Month: Joe Namath

We do all we can at EverythingPeacock to point our loyal flock in the right direction when it comes to developing your own personal brand, standing out, and owning your moments in time. This doesn’t always mean showing you the latest fashion trend, life changing gadget, or vacation hot spot. A great way to embrace your inner Peacock is to take a look at past and present Peacocks that have already blazed the trail for you.
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5 Reasons To Get A Ring

Rings have been an accessory for men since their first creation about 5,000 years ago. Men’s rings are a symbol of power, prestige, or achievement, and yes even fashion – in other words they are just as peacock as they were five millennia ago. More >>

Tommy John Underwear: Style Comes From Within

For years now I have been buying smaller shirts to wear underneath my Bogosse, Bertigo, Robert Graham and Ted Baker dress shirts. Eventually, those cheap undershirt cotton fabrics shrink and become fantastic rags. Traditional undershirts would UN-tuck and make me feel uncomfortable with a sloppy bulge in my gut… no, that is not normally there! More >>

Unlimited Portable Hydro-Power & Bigfoot Approves!

Say you and your crew are camping in the middle of the woods, all you packed is an acoustic guitar, beer, hot dogs, and a bottle of unpalatable whiskey. Then, out of nowhere comes a ‘Squatch’ (BFRO)! More >>

Get A Super Screen For The Super Bowl

If there was ever a reason to justify – to yourself or significant other – taking the plunge and upgrading your TV set, the Super Bowl serves the purpose well.  We don’t want to send you out to your local brick-and-mortar without first offering up a few options to – at least – point you in the right direction.

For your viewing enjoyment, here are a few EVP recommendations.
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