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5 Peacockin’ iPad Apps You Should Own

Some people say that music soothes the savage beast. While you might one day get attacked by a bear and need to lull it into a peaceful mood with your iPad, most people don’t live that dramatic a life. Most of the time, you’ll probably just want to chill out with some tunes. More >>

Skrillex: The Myth, The Man, The Dubstep?

Who is this Skrillex guy everyone is talking about? It’s almost like he’s in the wind and nobody knows anything about him. He is not all over TMZ, he is not interested in doing Late Night to have Letterman make jokes about his goth – look because he doesn’t relate to anyone under 60. More >>

Brett Favre & Albert Pujos Got Theirs, Now Get Yours

You don’t always have to have the most sophisticated electronic gadget for personal entertainment. Enter Dominoes – they are believed to have originated in China in the 12th century, so any game with a lifespan that long must be Peacock. More >>

Not A TV Gimmick, Get UP By Jawbone

You want to have the best friends, be in the best of health, and have money to enjoy life to its fullest extent. You need all three of these equally to be in perfect peacock harmony. How do you achieve this? I’ll tell you. More >>

5 Amazing International Eco Hotels

Eco-friendly lodging has taken on a whole new meaning. If you are looking to stay at an eco-friendly lodge, you no longer have to settle for tents and sticks. Across the globe, numerous LEED-certified, green hotels are popping up that encompass luxury and an aesthetic that is certainly Peacock-worthy. Coupled with beautiful views and a great number of interesting amenities, vacationing at an eco-friendly resort may just be the new way to relax.

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The Most Unconventional Home Doors You’ve Ever Seen

Doors. Not what you would typically associate with being technologically advanced or cool for that matter. Normally doors are just a functional object, first on the home furniture requirement sheet and last to be noticed.

However doors don’t have to take up this background position, aside from technology doors can form the focal point of any interior design scheme. Futuristic and technologically advanced doors worthy of the ‘Peacock’ appellation push things to a totally different level. Whether you are just trying to show off or you are trying to keep out a zombie invasion there are crazy technological door innovations out there for you.
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TOMS Shoes: With Each Pair Bought, They Give A Pair Away

With every pair that is purchased, TOMS Shoes gives a pair away to someone that is in need. That is unheard of this day in age and we will be supporting more and more companies like this as we continue to grow. We want to make the world a better place, TOMS is doing that one pair of shoes at a time. They have given over a MILLION pairs of shoes away! More >>

Relive Your Childhood: Old School Gaming Systems

It’s 3:00pm, you’re in grade school, and the bell just whistled sweet music to your juvenile ears. You wait for your bus number to be called, you suffer through the 1o minute ride home, and burst in to a full sprint like Carl Lewis to your TV room.  More >>

The 2012 Cadillac CTS: A True American Performance Luxury Coupe

It is hard to imagine any carmaker which has transformed itself so capably and elegantly as Cadillac. Consider the journey undertaken by the company and take a good look at how enormous the differences are between Cadillac models of the last 10 years and the new world class CTS.
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Spring Break Fashion

Are you headed to a warm locale for spring break? My experience with these much-needed getaways is that the week before calls for a big shopping excursion. It’s time to get a new swimsuit, some sunnies, flip flops, a beach bag, and more. If you haven’t started shopping yet, or aren’t quite sure what to pack, here’s some fashion inspiration to Peacock your spring break 2012. More >>