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Pioneer’s New Headphones Promise Audio Nirvana

I travel a lot. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one and so in order to insulate yourself from the shrill sea of humanity you’re swimming with I’ve found a solid pair of ear cans to be essential travel tech.

Ear buds, while portable, still flood my ears with ambient noise whereas a full-size, noise-cancelling headset like the (wickedly overpriced) cans from Dr. Dre eat up a quarter of the space in my carry on. A dilemma indeed.

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Peacock Summer Movie Preview Guide: The Avengers

As we mentioned in the first of our Peacock Summer Movie Preview articles, this summer is getting started early and it will launch with everyone’s attention on The Avengers. Let’s take a quick look as to how this movie is Peacocking its way to the front of the line on the blockbuster summer movie list… More >>

From Another Planet – Ziiiro Watches

With watch names like Proton, Ion, Celeste, Orbit, Aurora, Mercury and Gravity, you know Ziiiro Watches are out of this world and from another planet. Unique in every way, they feature a design that eliminates all non-essential components, which makes them look like a watch that the Cylon’s from Battlestar Galactica would wear. More >>

Eddie Vedder Circa 1991 – Caricature By Chris Snee

In 1991, I heard a song called Even Flow on MTV (remember when they played music?). I didn’t know what the fuck that sound was exactly – throaty and deep howling with lyrics that were contaminated with anger and resentment. It came from a dark place, a troubled place, but it was deeper than anything I’ve heard up to that point in my life – all 11 years of it. More >>

Peacock Perfume Picks of 2012

Introducing the Peacock Perfume Picks of 2012 to make you feel sexy on any spring/summer excursion.  Peacocking is more than just finding that perfect sun dress, or hot new sexy shoe it’s also about accessorizing. More >>

Foosball: Infinitely Better Than Banal Living Room Conversation

In an burgeoning era of dynamic and “value-added” coffee tables that attempt to bring more to the table (pun intended) than merely a surface to vicariously showcase your knowledge through fancy books you’ve never read, we here at EVP applaud the novel introduction of sport. Introducing the Teckell Intervallo Micro Foosball Table. Aesthetically, it’s balls to the wall beautiful and modestly sized to fit even the smallest bachelor pad.
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James Bonds New Ride: The Water Car?

You’ve seen all the James Bond films where he always seems to have all the latest tech gadgets and rides while at the time are based on fantasy. The reality is some of this stuff comes to life. Introducing the Water Car; a car that drives just as efficiently on water as it does your nearest highway. More >>

Peacock Summer Movie Preview Guide: TED

It may sound odd to be talking about the Summer in April, however the fact of the matter is the “Summer Movie Season” is just around the corner when The Avengers kicks off on May 4th. We’ll preview that movie a couple of weeks from now, but right now the staff at Everything Peacock is all about TED. Haven’t heard about TED yet? More >>

Bubba Watson Wins The 2012 Masters

Not Tiger Woods, not Phil Mickelson, not Louis Oosthuizen (whose name I cannot pronounce), but Bubba fuckin Watson! You know, the guy who can drive the ball 350 yards, the guy who is a lefty, the guy who never won a Major, and the guy with the hot pink driver. More >>

5 Diamonds To Die For

The saying goes “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend“.  However, it is clear that it doesn’t matter if you are a girl or a guy, these valuable diamonds have the potential to be anyone’s best friend – and what’s more Peacock than priceless diamonds.  Most of these have been maintained and preserved over the years in various museums or passed down generation to generation.  Many of these diamonds were worn by influential people, kings, and politicians.  It is said that some of these diamonds are cursed, and it’s clear why, these giant, fabulous (and expensive) diamonds are to die for! More >>