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Proof Aliens Are Real, Introducing THePetebox

THePetebox (a.k.a The Human Beatchestra a.k.a The Musical Mutant) is a human beatboxer and live looper extraordinaire. I argue that he must be an alien because no human should be able to make these sounds, but until I find his spacecraft and introduce him to my family I’ll have to live with him being one of us. You may have never heard of him, but one listen and you’ll be hooked. More >>

Peacock Summer Movie Preview Guide: The Dark Knight Rises

Over the next few days many movie goers will start the Summer Movie Season off right by checking out The Avengers, and rightfully so as we told them in last weeks preview that it has major Peacock potential. If they are lucky, as they settle into their seats and the lights dim, they will be entertained with a trailer of the most anticipated movie of the summer… More >>

Dog Tag Jewelry For Men And Women

Keeping your jewelry collection up-to-date is always Peacock. There’s more to your jewelry collection than just rings, watches, and earrings…the perfect way to upgrade your style is with a contemporary styled Dog Tag. More >>

Stolichnaya Hot Vodka

Two things I love – vodka and hot sauce. Vodka – I can drink with the best of them. Hot sauce – I’ve become completely addicted to putting hot sauce on just about anything I eat. Yes even popcorn (a.k.a. Buff Pop) and pasta sauce. If only there was a way to combine the two… More >>