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Glam Rock Watches

Looking to Peacock your way to the top and take over the world? Sure you are. You might as well look good doing it; start accessorizing with a watch that fits your style. Enter Glam Rock Watches – bold and stylish timepieces that fuse sophistication and trendiness, featuring interchangeable straps and covers so you can change your watches style as fast as you can change your shoes. More >>

Alcohol-Infused Whipped Cream

You should immediately plan on replacing your entire whipped-cream inventory with Grain Alcohol–Infused Whipped Cream called Whipped Lightning that was created by some wild and crazy guys. We’ve field tested it thoroughly and it definitely passed our rigorous weekend-long taste test completed at the Peacock SkyBar. Unfortunately, it’s also getting tons of ominous press for being potentially dangerous, so you might want to scoop some up before it’s too late. More >>

Date Night – Are You Prepared?

What’s a Peacock to do? You put some extra time in at the office and you’ve forgotten all about your sushi date with the twins! You need chilled wine ASAP! No time to panic, hit the mood lights, put on the “Date Movie,” turn on your Rapid Beverage Chiller and that bottle will be chilled in 6 minutes flat. What a versatile life-changing tool! More >>