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Mitchell Custom Pool Tables

You don’t have to be an immensely talented pool hustler like Vincent Lauria from the “Color of Money” to fully appreciate a well made creatively designed billiards table. Finding that perfect centerpiece for your Peacock’d pad is important when customizing your home decor, after all, your home represents your individual style. More >>

Mars Made Foosball Tables

The company Mars Made has some of the wildest design ideas for Foosball Tables, these are not your typical pop pop’s games. Not surprising they provide premier game room furniture that allows customers with exclusive modern tastes to fully express their style and personality – perfect for Peacocking. More >>

Men’s Belts: Not Just For Whipping Kids Anymore

Accenting a dull outfit with a dashing belt is Peacocking….and Peacocking is wearing a dashing belt…you understand? I get disinterested if I have too much grey or black on, but those are the colors, or lack thereof, that are part of my getup. That’s all good, just make sure you have a belt that shouts louder than a def guy looking for his hearing aid.  More >>

Get Paid To Look Great Naked

Want to look great naked and get paid to reach your fitness goal in the process? Sure you do. The most obvious steps are exercising and eating right. The hardest part about exercising is being consistent over the long haul – until now. I’m going to tell you about a new app that can get you into the gym on a regular basis so you see results (with your body and in your bank account) – it’s called GymPact. More >>

Bogosse: Reinventing The Iconic Dress Shirt With Incomparable Style

I have to be honest with you, rockin’ a Bogosse (bo-goss-e) dress shirt is not for everyone. Translated from French it means “handsome guy,” so you need to be on your game. The style is bold yet in some ways there’s a subtle sophistication that becomes more apparent upon closer inspection of the details. These shirts are the ultimate combination of handwoven Italian fabrics that feature strong collars, leather cuffs, bold prints completed with a slim European fit – no doubt these garments are Peacock. More >>

2013 Grammy’s: Celeb Style Winners & Losers

While the world’s top designers are busy debuting all the latest trends at New York Fashion Week, another event took place last night that had some of the planet’s most famous celebrities showing off their fashion credentials. More >>

Live Like A VIP, Get Up Close And See Your Team

You work hard so you can enjoy the finer things in life, like taking your HB9 out to see your favorite team and sitting as close to the action as possible – this is proper Peacock planning. Ideally, those seats are comped and your team wins and you score too. Well, the free seats may not be happening, but I can tell you about the next best thing – More >>