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Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) or ‘Hoe he’e nalu’ in the Hawaiian language is a sport that is taking the world by storm. Perhaps you’ve been Peacockin’ on the beach lying back with a cold one with your HB9 and seen someone resembling Jesus walking on water. No – its just an SUP enjoying the summer rays in a new and profound way that you’ve never seen. What exactly is an SUP you say? I’ll tell you. More >>

9 Peacockin’ Shades To Glorify The Eye

I absolutely love wearing sunglasses with any outfit, anytime of the year; they are not only for the beach anymore people! Tasteful designer eyewear should be a part of your outfit and likely the most stylish part of it, with sharp colors, chic lines, and unique geometry. They will not only help your eyes now, but also Peacock you into the future. 2 for 1= winning! More >>

Fedoras: Do You Have What It Takes To Pull This Look Off?

Fedoras always make me think of mobsters from the 50’s or my pop-pop coming home from work and tossing his fedora on the coat rack after a hard days night. You really have to be a certain type of person with a unique style to bring it all together. Some people can wear a fedora with anything and look snazzy. I am not one of them. More >>

Your Must Have Summmer Drinking Game: Inflatable Beer Pong

An Inflatable Beer Pong Table is a must have, especially when Peacockin’ at the beach, pool or any other body of water. Beer Pong has always been the go-to drinking game, so why not elevate your fun and add some water into the equation. You like beer, you like water – this is an easy decision. More >>

VIP Your Next Vegas Vacation

So you’re headed to Vegas for a little fun in the sun. Maybe you’re headed out for a bachelor or bachelorette party and you want to Peacock to new levels like never before. Word of advice, you know that ‘loose cannon’ in your group that is totally insane and says the most inappropriate shit all the time? Bring that person, this is the reason you keep this person around, to go absolutely nuts and set-it-off! If there’s ever a place where ANYTHING goes – it’s Vegas. More >>

Hangover Heaven, Your Vegas Hangover Cure

A lot of us love to drink, especially when we’re in Vegas celebrating VIP style. When Peacocking to extreme levels sometimes we let our inhibitions go and throw caution to the wind and drink way too much. One undeniable result to this is the inevitable ‘hangover.’ Your time is limited, and lying around half comatose is no way to enjoy a Vegas Vacation. Now there’s a solution… More >>

Boat Shoes, Not Just For Old People

I used to make fun of people wearing boat shoes now I wear them religiously. You can rock these shoes for a casual party, date, job interview (well, maybe in Cali), or even a funeral…yep, been there and done that (no I wasn’t funeral crashing with Chaz Reinhold). More >>