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Own A Bar? Vacation More With Guestflo

Club owners, General Managers, Event Planners, VIP Hosts, all work the nightlife lifestyle, for better or worse. The successful ones always seem to stay one step ahead of the competition and get to vacation like rock stars; surely working hard is a part of the equation. In this high octane industry competitors are always looking to gain an edge, introducing Guestflo, a slice of technology that can elevate your perception of what you currently call work. More >>

Maverick Helicopters: See Las Vegas From The Air

Vegas offers a lot of different adventures besides the typical nightclub or all day pool party. Granted, those are enjoyable experiences nonetheless, but there is something else if your want a different perspective – literally. Maverick Helicopters, known as heli trips offer aerial tours of not only Las Vegas but also the surrounding landscape, including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the famous Grand Canyon. More >>

Are You Brave Enough For A 99 Ft Rope Swing Ride?

Mike Wilson is a local legend in the Squaw Valley area of Cali. He is a pro skier (you should see him flip of the Fingers at squaw – it’s GNAR) and a action sports super hero. If you kids out there ever want to aspire to be an adrenaline junkie when you grow up, watch Mike Wilson’s every move like a hawk. More >>

Summer Dress Series: Bandage Dresses

For a Bar or Club dress – set your radar on the Bandage look. With color-blocking in style, more of us can get away with these snug, form-fitting dresses because the colors accent our curves. Look both sexy and stylish like Sofia Vergara, Blake Lively, and other dazzling celebrities. More >>

Our 8 Favorite Low Profile Chillaxin’ Shoes

I consider these my Sunday shoes…though these are some of the most comfortable shoes on the planet their style is not sacrificed a smidgen. I wear these when I am going over a friend’s house to watch sports, or daytime drinking on a Sunday afternoon at Felix Bar in SoHo. More >>

Exotic Adventures In Vegas

Who hasn’t imagined getting behind the wheel of an exotic sports car? Exotics Racing School located just 20 minutes off the Vegas Strip gives you the chance to race around the prestigious Las Vegas Motor Speedway full tilt ‘Peacock‘ style. If you haven’t driven one yet this is the perfect opportunity to test your limits. I admit, going to a racing school is not on my usual list of attractions when I think of Vegas, if there’s no pool, nightclub, gambling, or strip club, then what the hell am I doing here? I’ll explain… More >>

Your Fitness Fashion Upgrade: Peacock Style

So, there you are getting ready for an intense workout….and after pushing yourself to the limit there still feels like something is missing. Part of Peacocking is feeling and looking great – simply put, your clothing is often a reflection who you are on the inside. Looking great stems from feeling great……which all starts with self-confidence. More >>

5 Items That Should Never See The Summer Sun. Period

Some things in life are unwritten laws or rules unspoken. In baseball you don’t walk in front of a catcher or umpire when getting to the batter’s box. You likely wont hear about something like this until a guy like A-Rod does it, which he did, and now you remember the rule – don’t you?  Well, why does it always take someone to break the rules before they are brought to light as a NO-NO?  It doesn’t have to go that far. More >>