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Everything A Taxi Is Not – Uber

You work hard and you play hard so starting the night off with a positive vibe is always Peacock. The last thing you want to deal with is an ornery cab driver that only speaks broken English and smells as though he hasn’t showered in a week. Introducing Uber, a luxury car service that picks you up and drops you off just like an ordinary cab but different in every other way. “How so?” You say. I’ll explain. More >>

Your Atlantic City VIP Treatment

We all want to live like big shots and Peacock like there’s no tomorrow, especially when we’re in Atlantic City. George Clooney, Paris Hilton, Nicholas Cage, Kid Rock, Jay Z the list goes on, and all of them enjoy the VIP lifestyle when traveling to A.C. More >>

Peacock Playbook For New Year’s Eve

It’s the holiday season and time for everyone to enjoy friends, family, some time off, and a few parties as 2013 winds down. The last and most notorious party of the year is obviously New Year’s Eve. More >>

Bleu De Chanel Cologne

A staple for any Peacocks cologne collection should be Bleu De Chanel. I have yet to come across anyone that doesn’t love this versatile scent from the Chanel brand. Add a bottle to your rotation and let this modern scent enhance your style to new levels. More >>

Winter Wardrobe Part 2: Cool Weather Classic Coats

Moving along, we’re going to take a look at some heavier gear. Just because the weather drops, it doesn’t mean your fashion sense need to but a few suggestions to follow.
More >>

Bo Zolland: Car Designer Extraordinaire

Swedish born Bo Zolland is a freelance automobile designer and the heart of his company ‘Viztech.’ In this laboratory he and his team of boffins have created some of the most elegant and eye-catching custom rides that will transcend your imagination. His automobile creations are a combination of the past blended with contemporary in a style that seems 20 years ahead of his counterparts, yet these vehicles remain true to their original form.  More >>

No More Speeding Tickets From Police Laser Guns

As car enthusiasts we’re all guilty of driving above the speed limit on a frequent basis, at some point most of us have been pulled over by the police. It’s the worst feeling in the world to have Sheriff Buford T. Justice behind you. Speeding tickets are not Peacock; they’re not cheap or helpful when it comes to keeping your insurance rates down either. You have some choices; you can either pull over or try and outrun the po-po à la Smokey and the Bandit style, or get yourself a Blinder Laser Jammer. More >>

Winter Wardrobe Part 1: Cool Weather Short Coats

It’s that time of year again… the sun sets an hour earlier, which means the night’s bitter chill bites you before you even step out of work! But thanks to the Indian summer most of us have been experiencing, it seems winter has come out of nowhere this year and now you are scrambling for all those warm clothes that were conveniently tucked away. More >>

Want To Get Noticed? Try These Classic Ties

We’ve seen many men’s styles come and go, but the classic (wider than 3 inches) necktie is here to stay. My tie collection is probably about 100 and I always seem to go for the same 10-15. So, I narrowed down my results to 9 ties here that will make your rotation consistently. More >>

From Bleak To Chic With ‘Retro Modern’ Bar Stools

One of the most important elements of designing your own bar is the actual bar stool. Selecting the right bar stool can often be overlooked, especially after spending all of your attention on the design and location of the bar itself. Many people hastily choose a bar stool without realizing that the right one will easily add a touch of flair. This will give even the most ordinary bar some character for an elegant ‘retro modern’ look – especially when combined with LED lighting. More >>